Sharkbite is a native client for key/value stores. With initial support for Apache Accumulo, the design can and has been used to support other key/value stores. Development began in 2014 and has slowly evolved. there is no structural specificity to Accumulo despite being the baseimplementation. Despite this the examples below will look very much like Accumulo due to aliasing. This is intentional.

Currently the code is a merger of C && C++ code. V0.1 will represent a shift more toward creating a C API and creating exernalized factories for the thrift code.

Capabilities That will be supported in V0.1 :

  • Work with Accumulo 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, and 1.9.x
  • Read/Write : Reading and writing data to Accumulo is currently supported.
  • Table Operations : Most table operations are currently supported. This includes the fate operations that the normal Accumulo client performs.
  • Security Operations : Security operations aren’t all implemented, but you should be able to add users, change authorizations, passwords, and remove users.


Sharkbite’s name originated from design as a connector that abstracted components in which we tightly
coupled and gripped interfaces of the underlying datastore. With an abstraction layer for access, and using
cross compatible objects, the underlying interfaces are heavily coupled to each database. As a result, Sharkbite became a fitting name since interfaces exist to abstract the high coupling that exists within implementations of the API.


GNU 4+



libhdfs3 ( optional -- )


run install scripts located in root directory

mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && cmake --build . ; make test

This will build the package and library, which you can use. It will also build

examples in the examples directory